Provoke Ltd is a product of labor of love, hard work and attention for the details. Provoke Ltd focuses on retailer of women’s & men’s branded and designer intimate apparel and underwear plus consultancy services for the retail and fashion industry in Bulgaria and Hungary
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Provoke Ltd. / LOU



LOU, a true architect of style

The embodiment of today’s woman, LOU combines allure, boldness and passion

in its unique signature look inspired by avant-garde architectural movements.

In an ode to femininity, the Spring/Summer 2018 season takes you on an exotic

journey full of high-coloured sensuality, combining excellence and expertise

with unrivalled modernity. A contemplative escape to a place full of enchanting

architecture, where lush vegetation, blue lagoons and heavenly spaces

never cease to amaze your eyes and your mind – charming places of magnetic

beauty, just like the LOU woman!


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March 27, 2018